About Willowbrook Design

about-willowbrookWillowbrook Design was built on a foundation of many years of hard work. Its reputation has broadened and been enriched through many years of successful projects with both clients who simply want their home improved, to very high visibility projects for expansive homes. In some cases, clients have come in with huge sets of house plans and asked to have their kitchen designed, stating that they couldn’t find anyone to take on the project because it is so large and involved. The response: those are exactly the kind we like!!! As a result, over the years Willowbrook has had the pleasure of working in very prestigious homes throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area, and now is enjoying referrals from those satisfied clients. Visibility in both digital and print media has landed those completed photographic images in many homes and offices; that information having been possibly tucked away for a day when the homeowner is ready to proceed to engage Willowbrook to make their home all it can be.

We love new construction projects – from beginning to end. This includes every decision; every color; every light fixture; every bit of cabinetry and design that goes into a new home, with an eye toward the new homeowner’s style, preferences, and plans for the future – such as aging in place. Additionally, every project is approached with the entire home being taken into consideration. The kitchen is not dealt with in an isolated atmosphere.

Keep in mind that we are to serve clients – north and south, east, out of state – for renovation projects as well as new construction. We invite you to join us in our success by making your project a success!

Member of the National Kitchen & Bath AssociationWillowbrook Design is an active member of NKBA (National Kitchen/Bath Association) known as the heart of the kitchen and bath industry for more than 40 years. Their mission is to enhance member success and excellence, promote professionalism, ethical business practices, and provide leadership and direction for the industry as stated on NKBA’s official website.