While we pride ourselves on executing hand-drawn prints of your project, this method is commensurate with a highly detailed level of design.  Drawings which are generated by hand are a bit of lost art, but truly show many details not available by computer-generated drawings. However, you can go to a “big-box” store, or any number of places, and get multiple copies of CAD drawings. In the the case of our practice, the drawings remain the property of WILLOWBROOK until the final contract for the cabinetry is signed. The initial design fee is for services only and does not include copies of the drawings, as they are the intellectual property of the Firm.

Depending on the project, we can also supply drawings only, rather than the full-service project that we typically do. That service is available for projects with budgets from $50K and up. A full set of plan view, elevations, sections (if required), and detail will be made available. In that case, WILLOWBROOK does not guarantee the suitability. In other words, should another company provide the cabinetry, etc., we would have no control over their work, and so would not be held responsible.