Pittsburgh Kitchen Design Trends

The kitchen and bath industry is tied more to fashion and style than you would probably believe. The truth is that a residential interior is considered “dated” after just seven years. This is particularly unnerving to a homeowner who may have just invested their savings into a new kitchen.

Trends come and go – just like color palettes. Bet you can remember what color your mother had in the house when you were in high school. She was a product of the color marketing at that place in time. How about in the 80’s when those ghastly “pickled maple” cabinets were everywhere in the world? They truly read pink – no matter how you cut it. . . . .

Regarding the local market in Pittsburgh, we always tend to be a bit behind the curve, but more and more clients are leaning toward much cleaner, simpler lines – dare I say it?!!! Contemporary!

Even in more traditional homes, the formerly prolific use of every carving known to mankind has dwindled to just an accent piece to draw the eye. Gone are the days of every surface being decorated with a carving or onlay.

Want to beat the odds and maximize your investment? Take the advice we’ve been giving clients for many years – stay with natural finishes; including cabinetry, flooring, everything. Nature is never trendy and will never go out of style.