Pittsburgh Custom Kitchen Design

For discriminating clients, the key to any quality Pittsburgh custom kitchen design is a unique approach to their particular issues. Willowbrook strives, with each new project, to stretch past the norm; to do each and every kitchen differently than any other one that has come before.  All of the up-scale details are included, of course, and there are unlimited variations of custom cabinetry configurations; luxury appliances; and countertop materials from granite to quartz to concrete. ….read more

New Home Construction

The trick to new construction – as well as renovation, for that matter – is that one has to focus beyond the pain of the process to the final product. When you consider that every single detail has to be considered, coordinated, and specified, it is a daunting experience, even for design professionals who have done many new homes and come out the other end still standing. ….read more


Most projects involve renovation. We will visit your home; have a careful conversation about what you’d like to accomplish – kick around some ideas; and return to the Studio to draft scaled drawings of the space. After the design and selection process has been completed, and the contract is executed, the goal is to provide you with as little down-time as possible. We will project how much time is required to prepare the site and then coordinate with the Factory so that, ultimately, the cabinetry load comes off the truck and is ready to be set in place. ….read more

Outdoor Kitchens

Is there a more relaxing feeling than sitting outdoors at your own home, watching a summer sunset, enjoying a glass of wine, and savoring the day’s accomplishments? Now imagine that you’ve just completed a wonderfully prepared dinner on your grill and its all there before you – as if another room had been added to your house . . . . .WILLOWBROOK DESIGN can make all this happen in one, convenient turn-key step for you – the homeowner. ….read more

Bath Design

Virtually the second most important room in the home is the bathroom. It has morphed far past its original purpose to a place of relaxation and release from the stresses of everyday life. Body spray systems, rainhead showers, luxuriously large shower enclosures, private commode areas – are all part of everyday current bathroom design. ….read more

Pittsburgh Design Consultation

Sometimes a homeowner just wants to bounce ideas off of a professional – who knows the right answers. We can provide consulting services at $100/hour. Through this vehicle, the advantage of years of experience is available to you. ….read more