Custom Kitchen Design

For discriminating clients, the key to any quality Pittsburgh custom kitchen design is a unique approach to their particular issues. Willowbrook strives, with each new project, to stretch past the norm; to do each and every kitchen differently than any other one that has come before.  All of the up-scale details are included, of course, and there are unlimited variations of custom cabinetry configurations; luxury appliances; and countertop materials from granite to quartz to concrete.

That kitchen is customized just for the cook(s) who will be using it. Whether you need countertops made higher to accommodate a tall husband; or a microwave oven set at a lower or mid-level so the kids can be more self-sufficient; to wheelchair accessibility. Ergonomic considerations are always taken into account with the design.

Although the industry is tied to fashion and colors change regularly, we always strive to help you enjoy your investment for the maximum number of years; hopefully until the appropriate time for the kitchen to be changed out – typically about 12-15 years, provided the cabinetry was high quality construction when it was installed. When working with a design professional, you enjoy the advantage of being  ahead of the curve, since designers are constantly inundated with information from throughout the industry on changing and upcoming trends.