Most projects involve renovation. We will visit your home; have a careful conversation about what you’d like to accomplish – kick around some ideas; and return to the Studio to draft scaled drawings of the space. After the design and selection process has been completed, and the contract is executed, the goal is to provide you with as little down-time as possible. We will project how much time is required to prepare the site and then coordinate with the Factory so that, ultimately, the cabinetry load comes off the truck and is ready to be set in place.

Willowbrook Design has a number of qualified installers to refer to you to get the job done.  We will stay involved in the project throughout construction and installation, answering any and all questions, and making any potential adjustments for site changes, etc.

Until the last finish up detail is completed and all hardware is installed; cutlery dividers are in place . . . .with everything is done to your satisfaction – your home is our primary concern.