New Home Construction

The trick to new construction – as well as renovation, for that matter – is that one has to focus beyond the pain of the process to the final product. When you consider that every single detail has to be considered, coordinated, and specified, it is a daunting experience, even for design professionals who have done many new homes and come out the other end still standing.

However, the building process is greatly eased by recognizing the level of home that you are building, whether custom luxury or budget, but never losing site of the best affordable quality. Any builder has his own construction schedule tied to progress payments and bank draws, and it is the responsibility of the designer to know where the builder is going before he gets there – and the all-important sequence of events which is logical in new construction.

Any one who tackles their first custom home in Pittsburgh, without professional help is very brave, and mistakes can be very expensive. You can be as involved – or as little involved – as you care to be, because we are always up for the challenge! Let’s sit down together, look at your house plans, and see how we can make your new home all it can be.