Outdoor Kitchens

Is there a more relaxing feeling than sitting outdoors at your own home, watching a summer sunset, enjoying a glass of wine, and savoring the day’s accomplishments? Now imagine that you’ve just completed a wonderfully prepared dinner on your grill and its all there before you – as if another room had been added to your house . . . . .WILLOWBROOK DESIGN can make all this happen in one, convenient turn-key step for you – the homeowner. We can take it from design to completion with minimal interruption on your part.

Because of the condition of the economy, surveys indicate that we are staying home more. Not so bad when you think about it, because making an investment in your home by the addition of an outdoor living space is an extremely safe place for your disposable income.

Develop your outdoor space to include an elevated deck; a pergola (an open roof-like structure) ; maybe a sunken fire pit; or a wood-fired pizza oven. While kitchen design principles are similar to indoor design, there are also many specialized features that require careful attention.

Outdoor cabinetry is weatherproof, and is available in marine grade polymers and several highly substantial and impervious woods such as cedar, mahogany, or teak. Stainless steel cabinetry can even be set into a stone wall. These systems can be modular. They can be customized. They can stand alone. They can be built into a framed structure.

The appliances for this exciting new kitchen design front are specialized and also weatherproof. While an outdoor kitchen typically does not have all the extras found in an indoor kitchen, the basic elements should include refrigeration – either a cube or frig drawers; a primary cook surface, of course, and perhaps a side burner or a wok; and warming drawers.

Some people may view the notion of an outdoor kitchen as an extravagance, but what a great opportunity to improve your home, and to have a vacation every night after work!